Disengagement Theory, sociology homework help

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For your KT assignments, you will engage the reading and the material in each slide, provided to you in this Presentation. Sometimes there will be a question, sometimes an issue/idea to consider.

Do not leave this to guesswork – follow the prompts in each slide and if you have questions, post to the course Q&A Forum. Not adhering to the slides in the presentation will garner you zero points.

Make sure you’re clicking on the links embedded in the slides – to do this, view in Full Screen (for Prezis) or Presentation Format (for Power Points).

Follow the required writing guidelines in your syllabus.

Each Term response should be two full paragraphs. Make sure you’re reflecting deeply on these. It should be obvious to me that you’re referencing the course material.

Remember to post your final draft the first time. Resubmissions are not accepted.

Double-check that your assignment uploaded properly.

Do not editorialize.

Prezi: open the link and see the questions under each term!


5 terms:

  1. Disengagement Theory
  2. Continuity Theory
  3. Ageism
  4. Cultural Lag
  5. Planned Obsolescence

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