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Please refer to the Media Dissertation Plan.docx.

Required to have 25 to 30 Literature reviews on cyberbullying which includes the following:

  • Mass communication theory and media theory
    • Like how people are being influenced by the media
    • How media navigate them
    • Media played a role in influencing the way they think and bully others on social media.
  • Psychology
    • 2 or 3 psychology impacts people getting bullied and they become depressed, suicidal, etc.
  • US federal law
    • What the federal government is doing to curb the cyberbullying
  • Other papers are written by other people on the topic.

Structure of the dissertation:

  • Introduction (1000 words)
  • Theory/Scholarship Chapter (2000 words)
  • Case study 1 (2000 words)
  • Case study 2 (2000 words)
  • Compare and contrast on Case study 1 and 2 (1000 words)
  • Conclusion (1000 words)

I also required to have updates on everything and sent to me every 5 days. As I need to update my supervisor if we are on the right track and I will update you again.


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