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Please review the chapter once again. Insight, this chapter 1 is a guide for the rest of the book. The book is a compilation of articles that have been selected to address the topics that are addressed in the course. This chapter is a roadmap for the rest of the course. Although we are not going to be reading all of the articles, we see that the chapters that are included in our reading in the course do address the topics of importance that are outlined in the chapter.

Chapter 1 is important, therefore, it is worthy of re-reading. Please make a list of the topics that you have identified in the chapter and a define why you think that they are important. Please make sure that your main discussion posting is a minimum of 500 words. After you have completed the substantive main posting by Wednesday, please make sure to make two substantive follow-up postings on the main posting replies of two classmates. Follow-up postings need to be substantive as well. As a general rule they should be at least 250 words.

Please make sure that you are citing all references and using APA format.

Additionally, please do not attach any documents and make sure that they are typed or copied and pasted into the posting. You can attach a chart or diagram, but no Word documents.


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