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Word count: Minimum 2,000 words – excluding cover page, table of contents and bibliography.

Research papers must be word processed and must be formatted using a readable 12-point font (Comic Sans and similar fonts are not acceptable); 1.5 line spacing; 0 ;points before and 6 points after each paragraph, and maximum 1” margins all around.

The body of the paper must provide a depth of information about the topic as well as thoughtful analysis of that information and sources must be appropriately identified with in-text citations. The paper must emphasise identification, application and analysis of theory and concepts.

A minimum of 6 references must be used. References must be correctly cited in the body of the paper and listed in thebibliography in correct APA style. The course instructor, Wikipedia and anonymous or unknown sources cannot be used or quoted as a reference.

Appendices, if used, should include relevant attachments, e.g., tables and charts.


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