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1- Text book, “Effective Supervision” by Goetsch


1- After reading and studying chapter 10, pp. 137-154, go to page 153 in the text. Respond to EACH of the 3 “On-the-Job Scenarios.” Write a double spaced, word processed paper, 1 page in length, FOR EACH of the THREE scenarios. Your response needs to include principles and concepts covered in the chapter, plus, any personal experiences or examples.


2- Sexual Discrimination/Harassment is still an issue in some work places which can be a legal reason for discipline and/or termination. After completing this project, you will understand the characteristics traditionally needed to advance, and you should be able to identify sexual discrimination within the work place.

Respond to the following questions by conducting a survey at your workplace. Prepare a double spaced, word processed paper, a MINIMUM of2 PAGES IN LENGTH.

INSTRUCTIONS for Survey and Paper

(1) Determine the ratio of men to women in the work place.

(2) Determine how many women are in top supervisory positions compared to men.

(3) Does your company pay women and men comparable wages?

(4) Interview 2 or 3 women and determine if they feel they have ever been discriminated against.

(5) Write a brief definition of what equal opportunity means to you.

(6) How would you ensure equal opportunity in the work place if this were your company?

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