Duane Knapp authority of building genuine brands, Marketing Assignment Homework Help

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new for our good class, now that you are sharing your thoughts about BRAND
part of your learning, listen to Duane Knapp, an authority of building genuine
BRANDS. This one-minute tape sets a nice stage for the importance of BRANDING.
You’ll hear Knapp talk to the importance of having a passion for BRANDING,
Brand Equity, etc. 


You can hear additional perspectives about BRANDING from Duane Knapp by
listening to this 15-minute interview on Travel Talk Radio. You’ll learn
about the BRAND “Promise” at http://www.traveltalkradio.com/ERIC/sep21_08/archives_sep21_08seg07.mp3

Come to the threads and share your previous
perceptions of BRANDING and what you now see,
especially after listening to Knapp.

How have Duane’s perspectives modified your thinking about the BRAND?


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