Dynamic Effects

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Please watch and follow along with the selected videos listed below, from Introducing Illustrator (Deke McClelland):

https://www.linkedin.com/learning/introducing-illustrator/applying-drop-shadows?resume=false&u=2206009 (Links to an external site.)


Here are the exercise files for you to follow along with:



Chapter 10: Dynamic Effects Watch and follow along. You do NOT need to submit the exercise files, but it’s important that you experiment with the effects so you know where they are and how they are used. You will be submitting your ‘Image Trace’ experiment (See Below)***

  • Applying drop shadows 6m 40s
  • Editing a dynamic effect 5m 44s
  • Creating a perfect dotted line 5m 54s
  • Using the Transform effect 6m 44s
  • Automatically tracing a photograph (Image Trace) 6m 51s
  • Expanding a traced image 9m 29s

***After watching how ‘Image Trace’ works, find a photo or drawing and experiment with the Image Trace feature. You can use any image you want! Experiment with the ‘Presets’ and threshold. Once you finish experimenting, save your image as an .ai file. Again, I just want you to experiment so there’s no wrong way to do this. You can create some really cool effects with this!

NOTE: Don’t pick a very large photo to use Image Trace on…the larger the photo, the longer it takes to render.


Chapter 11: Live Paint Watch and follow along. Give ‘Live Paint’ a try!

  • Introducing Live Paint 6m 51s
  • Editing a Live Paint object 6m 24s
  • Creating interwoven path outlines 6m 14s
  • Live Paint and gradients 8m 32s (OPTIONAL)

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