Early 20th Century Feminism and Women’s Rights, philosophy homework help

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Instructions: Early 20th Century Feminism and Women’s Rights

This is structured as a discussion, so you will make your original post, and then respond to one other student. You will not be able to see the discussion stream until the original post is made.

Your original post will address the following question:

What arguments are raised regarding economics and political equality? What is the significance of these arguments? What factors influenced the arguments presented?

The original post should be 25-27 sentences total.

Examples must be drawn from at least six of the documents found under the Documents for Worksheet 2 assignment, as well as lectures (more than one), and the Matthews book; The Rise of the New Women: The Women’s Movement in America by Jean V. Matthews

I have attached more instructions down below of the format, I will also send the documents soon after.


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