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Make a LIST of counter cultural icons or symbols of rebellion—human as well as non-human icons (i.e.: the leather jacket has long been a symbol of rebellion) that speak to you. Consider all the different categories in which they may be found (i.e.: music, politics, television, fashion, sports, technology, literature, etc.). Try to list at least 20 or more icons/symbols–the more of a personal connection you have with these ideas the better.


Pick TWO items or people or ideas from your list and BRAINSTORM all the ways that idea has been packaged or sold to the general public. List ad campaigns, products, services, theories, cross-promotions, reinventions through other performances or mediums—any way that the idea has been leveraged, commodified or sold to us.


Now, look over your brainstorming in the second part and ask yourself the following questions: “Have any of these ideas/concepts influenced your own behaviors and possibly even your own buying habits?” “Do you align yourself with any image of rebellion?” “If so, how would you achieve this feeling or spirit of dissent or subculture without this particular product or service in your life?” ANSWER these questions, doing your best to be very objective, looking at yourself from the outside in. Be very thorough and descriptive in your answers.


Read and comment on THREE of your classmates’ posts BY THE COMMENT DUE DATE.

Your comments may be on the signs/icons/ideas they discuss, (maybe there were some mutual choices here as well) or queries as to more specific details regarding some of their ideas or other information you may have about some of the items on their list.


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