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At the top of this first DRAFT – please write ” DRAFT ONE COMPLETION CHECK ” and circle it

Completion check

1. Do you have MLA heading? Your name, my name, class name, date? 12 Font, Double Space.

2. Is your entire essay 12, double spaced, with paragraphs indented? If not, make notes about what to change, fix rearrange.

3. Do you have a Title? Are there any extra spaces around the title? Is the title centered, no bold, no underline, 12 Font? Make notes about anything that is different, missing, or needs changed.

4. Do you have page number and last name? Insert page number, last name.

5. Count the number of sentences in EACH paragraph, Record the Numbers in the left margin next to the paragraph.

6. Is your grabber type identified in parenthesis before the opening line of your introduction paragraph grabber?

7. Is your thesis underlined? Does your thesis identify your audience AND three separate ideas related to the topic sentences?

8. Do you have at least three transitions in BOLD in Each paragraph.

9. Is each topic sentence identified with either italics or an * asterisk?

10. Does your TITLE (The words or Ideas within your title) relate directly to the words found in the very last line of your conclusion? (Principle # Intro/Conclusion Strategy: Title/ Direct or Implied Tite reference)

11. USING The 26 letters of the alphabet plus one- please identify the 27 parts to an essay. You CAN use your essay map for this to help you. SOAP should be the first four defined at the top of your essay on page one. Title is B. Grabber is C. Framework is D. Thesis is E. Topic Sentence is F. Example One-Intro, Give, and Explain is G. And so on. Make sure that the essay is Complete.

12. DO you have at least 9 quotes from 9 different sources?

13. HIGHLIGHT ALL OF YOUR QUOTED MATERIAL TO MAKE SURE THERE IS SUFFECIENT commentary both introducing the quoted material and explaining about the quoted material.

14. Is your Works Cited page 12 font, double spaced, hanging indent, ABC order?

15. DO you in-text citations and your Works Cited citations match up?


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