edu 645 week 4 db 1

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As we discuss special populations this week, we are going to approach it through the lens of being a Student Teacher in a Special education classroom. Also, we will explore other resources to assist in better understanding Special populations when developing curriculum & assessments.

  • Read the article When in Rome…: Influences on Special Education Student-Teachers’ Teaching.
  • Now shift gears from being a student-teacher, to that of a Cooperating-Teacher and address the following:
    • What did the article suggest was important in helping teachers prepare for instructional planning when including Special Populations?
    • What do YOU believe is important to consider that may not have been included in the article that is otherwise based on your experience or another source?
  • Conduct some research and locate an academic resource that you feel brings value to understanding special populations and designing assessments with them in mind. Share the resource you find within your response

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