Education Interview

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Conduct an Interview on School Improvement Planning

(CLOs 3, 4, & 6)


School improvement terminology and an overview of the policies in ESSA that are implemented at the state and local levels to achieve school improvement were presented in this lesson. This assignment will focus on school improvement at the local level from the perspective of a leader at the school level and a review of that leader’s school improvement plan (SIP).


Content Requirements

  1. Identify a school leader that you would like to interview who has knowledge of the SIP such as a principal, assistant principal, or curriculum supervisor.
  2. Obtain a copy of the leader’s most recent SIP from your local educational agency. The name given to the SIP may vary based on the state, such as Campus Improvement Plan or Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.
  3. Review the school improvement plan.
  4. Develop an interview protocol consisting of the following components:
    1. Introduction: Explain the purpose of the interview and what you seek to learn after reviewing the SIP.
    2. Ice Breaker: Develop 1 or 2 introductory questions about their background as an educator and their school.
    3. Required Interview Questions: Include the following three questions (i, ii, iii) to compare your interview results with the findings from Doss et al. (2020) and one to address policy (iv).
      1. Can you provide some of the major points of the SIP?
      2. How has the SIP led to changes in teachers’ practices, if at all?
      3. Do you believe the SIP will make your school better over the next 5 years? If so, how?
      4. Has the SIP resulted in changes to school policies, if so, in what way?
    4. Additional Interview Questions: Develop at least four additional questions that are specific to the SIP that you reviewed.
    5. Conclusion: Write a closing to the interview to express your appreciation.

Submission Requirements

  1. Interview: Submit the completed interview with each question followed by the answer (Q & A format). Mask the name of the educational leader and the specific school.
  2. Analysis: Compare your interviewee’s responses to the findings of Doss et al. (2020) and determine if they were similar or different. Next, compare your interviewee’s responses to the SIP and determine if they reflected evidence-based practices to lead to school improvement.  (1-2 pages)

This assignment’s page length will vary depending on the length of the interview responses. Include 1-3 scholarly resources.

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