effective interview

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Hiring is a difficult task in the best of circumstances.  There are two types of questions that can be used in an interview –  Situational Interview questions and Behavioral Interview questions.  Situational questions involve giving a candidate a hypothetical work situation and asking them how they would respond.  Behavioral questions involve questions that ask how a candidate has handled a particular situation in a previous job.  A situation question might be:  If you saw a co-working stealing, what would you do?   A behavioral question might be:  Describe a time when you worked for the perfect boss.  What was she or he like?

Choose the company you work for or another organization, identify a position and describe what the job involves.  Then create two examples of Behavioral Interview Questions and two examples of Situational Interview questions.   

Grading:  50 points total

Description of company/job you are using – 5

2 Behavioral questions – 20

2 Situational questions – 20

At least one page paper – 250 words or more – 5


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