Eng 1102 unit on reflection

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After you submit your assignments for Unit I, you will reflect and self-access the work you completed for Unit I. In this case, you will respond in writing to a set of questions below that ask you to consider how and why you made the choices you made in completing the Unit I Assignments. More specifically, you will comment on your process for composing your video essay and consider what you have learned about historical representations of Black girlhood in this unit. You’ll then save that reflection and return to it later in the semester as you prepare your final portfolio.

Why is reflection important? Because when you take a step back to critically review the ways you approached a problem and implemented a solution, you learn how to generalize that process—that is, you learn how to apply those critical thinking, communication, and project management skills to other subjects and areas of your life.

Primarily, you will comment on your process for composing your video essay and explain your work as a writer, speaker, and designer in this unit? In addition, you will reflect on the following questions:

  • What were the main intellectual goals of the assignment? Please situate these goals in terms of the course theme and in terms of the communication strategies you were to learn or practice.
  • What is your argument or purpose? How did you make the argument or purpose visible and persuasive in your artifact?
  • Who is the intended audience for your artifact; why is this an appropriate audience? How is your choice of audience reflected in your artifact?
  • What are the defining features of the genre or media that you are using in this project? How do you make use of these features?
  • If you had more time for revision, what would you change and why?


Your reflection should be at least 200 words in length, typed, and double spaced using 12’ Times New Roman font. Include a title (centered). In the left-hand corner, include (in this order):

Your name

Dr. Tigner

English 1102 and section



In order to receive full credit for your reflection, you must fully engage the prompt questions and demonstrate how these assignments prompt your thinking about Black girlhood.


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