english 1302, choose one topic and write informative essay

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Informative Essay


This week in Analytical Writing we begin reading and discussing sources as we continue to refine what we know about a thesis statement and about writing an essay. Writing an informative essay helps in this process since the elements of an informative essay look at various angles of a topic in a neural way.

In week 2, we examine the following topics:

  • health
  • technology/ social media
  • economy, automation
  • cultural issues
  • competition vs. cooperation

You have read articles on some of these topics and posted prewriting/freewriting to one of them in this week’s Discussion forum. For this assignment, you’ll use one source (this should be one of the articles you read for the discussion) to practice citing source information.

Remember that any time you use source information, whether it is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, you’ll format the information and cite the source in your paper.


Please follow these steps in writing your informative essay:

  1. Go back into your Discussion prewriting to shape this informative essay. This essay is not a summary reaction paper, however, and your paper will be independent of the article you read. For this essay, you will inform readers more fully on the topic at hand and should reflect your thinking rather than summarizing the author’s views. You will add some of the information from the source, however, to practice using and citing source information.
  2. This paper can take a variety of strategies: comparison/contrast, “how to” or process, or cause and effect.
  3. You’ll follow a formal essay format with an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a Works Cited/References page (MLA format titles the source page Works Cited, and APA format titles the source page References).
  4. Your essay will be 3-4 pages in length, including the Works Cited or References page (but not including the title page if using APA format).
  5. Here’s your chance to apply all you’ve learned thus far.
  6. Write your essay using Microsoft Word and upload it as a .docx document to the D2L Assignments folder. NOTE: All submissions will be scanned using Turnitin plagiarism detection software; you can read more about this in the course syllabus.

Evaluation Rubric/Point Distribution (50 points total)

Effective Intro, conclusion,

5 points

Appropriate and engaging techniques for writing introductions and conclusions are employed. Conclusion does more than summarize the essay’s main ideas.


Neutral tone

5 points

Thesis statement is clear and focused on a single topic from the Discussion forum. Additionally, your thesis is a full sentence. The thesis is typically the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Sentence Structure and Word Choice

15 points

Concrete nouns and active verbs (third level details) must be used. Avoid to be verbs (am, is, are, was, were) as well as passive phrases/constructions (there is, there are). Also, avoid vague word choice (a lot, thing, things) and the words you, your, and you’re.

Body/Supporting Paragraphs

15 points

Body/supporting paragraphs are directly linked to the thesis statement, are clearly supported by in-depth evidence. Paragraph pattern consists of topic sentence, example with level 3 details, analysis.

MLA or APA Format, Source(s), and Citation of Source(s)

5 points

MLA or APA format for a research essay is followed (your choice, but be consistent throughout the essay). One source is placed on your Works Cited/References page, and that source is the article you’ve selected for your topic (and it can be one you read from this week’s work for Discussions).

Quoted, paraphrased, and/or summarized source material is appropriately formatted and cited. In-text/parenthetical citations and the Works Cited/References page are accurate. Writer demonstrates a clear understanding of MLA or APA concepts, including formatting and citing.

If using APA format for this essay, the Abstract page is considered optional. Point value will not be associated with an abstract page for this assignment.


5 points

Essay is free of spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors.

Total Points


Total of all categories

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