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To get started on your research paper, you first have to choose a topic and develop your preliminary research question.

Respond to these two prompts!!

1. What topic from Reyna Grande’s book are you most interested in? For me, personally, this book made me think about parenting styles. It’s clear that Reyna doesn’t have parents she can trust, so I’m wondering how does a parent create secure attachment with their child that will result in a loving, safe relationship.

2. Develop this topic into a preliminary research question. You can share a few version of your question so that your classmates and I can guide you to a focused, specific question.

Make sure to watch this video:

And read this article (Links to an external site.) to learn how to create an effective research question.


To learn more about your topic and narrow your research question, you have to do a little research. It’s totally fine if you use Google or Wikipedia to get a better understanding of your topic overall. However, you have to move beyond these public sources and dive deeper into the scholarly journals found in the WLAC databases.

After you’ve done some research using the WLAC databases (Links to an external site.), post two scholarly journals you will definitely be using in your paper. Briefly summarize the article’s relevant ideas and explain how you’ll use it in your essay.


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