English Final Poetry writing, homework help

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I need a Poetry writing :Some themes or topics to consider: Big, life changing moments How you felt in that moment Important people or pets or items
What are the characteristics of that person or animal or item? What about them/it is important to you? Could be about someone who has died
Persevering through obstacles – growth mindset Politics/the world – impact on you Love Place in the world/universe
Poetic elements
Rhyming Repetition of a key word or line Descriptive imagery (visual, gustatory, tactile, aural, olfactory) Symbols Metaphors/similes (“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun”) Alliteration
At least 10 lines About you in some way, even if it’s about another person/animal/object. After done writing the poetry, you will also need to write an essay that need 5 paragraph to describe the poetry, included one intro&thesis, 3 body paragraphs and one conclusion.


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