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The book: Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton. Chapter is called “Politics”

Think of an idea from the past that people presumed to be true. Write about that belief and the change in thinking that has taken place since then. What, exactly, were the former beliefs? What has changed? What has caused this shift in thinking over time? How long has it taken? In your opinion, are we “there” yet? (In other words, have we reached a place where you feel this idea is currently “on the right side of history”?) How do you see the politics of this idea moving into the future? Is it a hopeful change? Or does the future of this idea appear bleak to you?

For support on how ideas can change over time, make reference to the “Politics” chapter. Also be sure to include evidence/information from 1 outside source.

For this assignment, you’re also welcome to consider a belief of your own that may have shifted over time. What has caused the change? Age? Experience? Surrounding politics? (In other words, are your opinions the product of your current surroundings?) And finally, another idea to briefly consider: how might being aware of this shift in thinking affect other beliefs you hold?

For this assignment, you will:

1) Summarize and make direct reference to the “Politics” chapter.

2) Summarize and make direct reference to your outside source.

2) Have a strong thesis statement. Make an argument concerning the shift in thinking on your topic of choice. You can include in this argument whether or not you think we’re “there” yet.

3) Follow guidelines for an academic paper, including intro/thesis, body paragraphs/support/analysis, and conclusion: Structure of a General Academic Essay.docx

4) Paper should be 3 pages long, double spaced throughout, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins

5) Include a Works Cited Page



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