English prog 1

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The speaker of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage admires the ocean because

  1. it is beautiful and its sounds are soothing.
  2. it is unchanged by human activities.
  3. many people depend on fish from the ocean for food.

For Keats, in “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” the lovers pictured on the urn symbolize

  1. eternal youth and hope.
  2. maturation and full fruition.
  3. despair and frustrated desire.

Why does the poet describe the past as “Death in Life” in the poem “Tears, Idle Tears”?

  1. The speaker’s life no longer has meaning to him.
  2. We experience the “death” of the past while we are still living.
  3. Our lives have more meaning after death.

Which type of modern writing does Frankenstein resemble most closely?

  1. science fiction
  2. informative essay
  3. informative speech

Mary Shelley writes that she can “scarcely accuse [herself] of a personal intrusion,” and that her introduction will be confined to topics related to Frankenstein alone. These statements imply that

  1. she respects her readers’ privacy.
  2. she likes to write about herself.
  3. she is modest.

Based on the description of the woman whom the speaker loves in “Life in a Love,” how do her feelings compare to his?

a. She does not care for him.
b. She feels the same way he does. c. She feels flattered by his attention.

Mary Shelley was in this type of mental state when she created the idea for Frankenstein:

a. daytime nap b. deep slumber c. waking dream

____ 8.

In Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan,” Romanticism is represented in the

  1. moderate and reasonable.
  2. faraway and the exotic.
  3. classical and the mythological.

What assumption does Jane Eyre make that a modern-day student would also make?

  1. One must stand up for oneself against injustice.
  2. Every student is well versed in the Bible.
  3. She must learn to be less rebellious.

Dickens has Gradgrind refer to Sissy Jupe as “girl number twenty” in Hard Times as a way to

  1. show the readers the school’s emphasis on teaching mathematics.
  2. emphasize Gradgrind’s inability to remember names and faces.
  3. criticize that students in the overpop

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