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I have an essay which is about ( describing myself in one word ) Please skip the collage part. From my outline you will see examples I want the examples to be completed and I need them to  be real life examples. My word is Respectful.

Introduction : Make the sentence structure better

Thesis : please make it better by saying ( I am respectful in many aspects in my life and use synonym for respectful).


First paragraph : is about my family . I want you to describe how Im respectful towards my family ( use real life examples and mention names and ages and say a situation like my brother told me to clean his room and eventhough I don’t like to do that I did it and I answered him respectfully by saying ofcourse brother .) and write more examples if you can. and please use similar real life examples like I did above with names and ages for the rest of the paragraph .


 Second paragraph : is about my friends and how I am respectful towards them. And please mention after every paragraph how is the example related to the word respectful.


Third paragraph : Respectful of the rules of society. Don’t forget to put real life examples. 


Fourth paragraph : Respecting other religions .


Conclusion : summarize the essay  and restate the thesis in two or three lines then talk about how will I be respectful in future.

Make sure to follow the instructions which is in laka. pdf file ( prompt)

The file outline_abdul and outline_abdul2  is my outline make sure to read it.

Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Please make it 4 pages no less than that I know it says 3-5 pages on instructions but make it 4-5

I need it by tomorrow


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