Environment Capitalism and Fossil Capitalism

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These questions will help guide your reading and your engagement with the three readings for Thursday. (For the Malm reading, please read to page 46). 1. Why does a class analysis (that is of the interests of those who own property and production) matter in understanding the development of fossil fuel capitalism? 2. In other words, How and why did fossil capitalism come about? 3. What, according to the readings, have been some of its consequences?

two Reading attached


Participation in class and reading responses are not merely about summarizing the main points or arguments of readings, although doing this is also very important.I expect each student to have thought critically and reflected on the readings.For example, one might question and analyze the argument/s or theses of the author or the “baggage” he/she carries.Does the evidence used by the author substantiate the argument or specific claim?Are there contradictions or inconsistencies in the argument?Does a particular prior theoretical/conceptual framework (the “baggage”) limit the text in some way?Or, does the author hold certain biases that prevent him/her from taking into account certain factors?Does the author make false assumptions?Do you prefer another viewpoint or perspective that you’ve already read to the one put forth by the author, or maybe you wish to compare perspectives? If there’s more than one reading assigned, you may also decide to compare them and argue why one is more convincing than the other. These are just some of the questions you can ask and approaches to take to analyze and critique a text(s).Critiquing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to disagree or have a negative response, but it does mean you have to think analytically about the reading and develop a response that is substantiated with evidence. If you do disagree, substantiate your points.Avoid purely emotional responses to readings in favor of critical responses grounded in evidence, your experiences, and logical reasoning.


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