error spotter:find seven errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, fact or math

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– errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, fact or math

It has to be something that’s wrong anywhere. Style errors do NOT count – not everyone uses AP style, so if someone writes PM instead of p.m. or puts in an extra space, it’s not an error. Also, realize that businesses have the right to spell their names or their product/service names any stupid way they want to, and a deliberately misspelled name does not count as a mistake, ugly though it may be. Note that British (and some Canadian) publications use British spellings, so those aren’t wrong for them. Classified ads use a specific set of abbreviations that are OK in that context, so those aren’t mistakes either (but a misspelled word like “furinture” instead of “furniture” in an ad would count). Online formatting glitches (words running together on a website or app, words breaking in odd places, text overlaying other text, etc.) also don’t count because editors usually have no control over those.

– that YOU see
You cannot use something that someone else found and then shared. There are tons of websites that share funny mistakes. Read them, laugh at them, learn from them, but do not steal mistakes from them. Spot your own mistakes.This shouldn’t be hard – they’re everywhere.

– in a professional or commercial piece of communication
What counts: A news story, news graphic, TV super or crawl, novel, textbook, advertisement, promotional material, corporate publication, sign, menu, brochure, professional website, etc.

What does NOT count: personal communication, message or text from a friend, non-commercial/non-professional social media post, online comment, etc.

Errors can be spotted in print, online or on a building/sign, etc. You must turn in a clipping, screenshot or photo of the error along with this information:

  1. Where and when you spotted it
  2. What the error is
  3. How it should be fixed

Do not just submit a picture without comment if you want credit. You get points for a good error; you get no points for a non-error or not doing the assignment. These are basically free points, so find an error every week. Work ahead if you want, but don’t get behind.

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