Essay #1 Revision There are still a series of questions

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Essay #1 Revision

As discussed in our syllabus, revision means deep re-thinking and rewriting – not just surface-level correction. This is your chance to apply what you’ve learned to past work, to take your ideas and your words to the next level. Revisions will be “substantial” in that you will either smoothly integrate at least one new page of writing or will rewrite your initial draft completely, taking a fresh start or approach. Remember that new material shouldn’t just be tacked on to the end of your essay; instead, it should cause you to adapt and change the paper as a whole, giving it fresh insight, more evidence and analysis, and more thoughtful reflection. Use the feedback and lessons you received from class workshops and peer review, as well as my feedback on your work to help you productively revise your ideas and fine-tune your words. In your revisions, use the highlight function to highlight all changes you make (including small changes such as punctuation), as well as any sentences, paragraphs, or sections that are brand new. If your entire essay is totally revised, you can just write that at the top.


  • EITHER integrate at least one new page of writing OR rewrite your initial paper completely
  • HIGHLIGHT all revisions made
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