ESSAY 3 Pages long .. MLA FORMAT

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Essay 1

Background Readings (in American Mashup)

Burt Helm, “Ethnic Marketing: McDonald’s Is Lovin’ It,” pp. 434-437

Eric Schlosser, “Kid Kustomers,” pp. 448-453

Malcolm Gladwell, “The Science of Shopping,” pp. 459-471

Jerry Useem, “Should We Admire Wal-Mart? Some Say It’s Evil. Others Insist It’s a Model of All That’s Right with America. Who Are We to Believe?” pp. 474-477

Writing Task 

Choose a specific advertisement or a specific place to shop to discuss in an essay of at least three pages. Answer the following question as your primary focus:

What is one of the most effective strategies or methods that this ad or place to shop uses to reach or attract its target audience?

You should limit your discussion to one strategy or method as the primary emphasis for your discussion, but you may mention or briefly discuss others as a part of your essay (perhaps after you finish your discussion of the main idea). You will need to explain why the strategy or method you’ve chosen is effective in reaching the target audience. Identify and describe the target audience in your essay and explain how you can tell what the target audience is. 

You should not choose a specific ad or store that was discussed in the assigned readings. You will need to describe the ad or place in sufficient detail so that someone unfamiliar with it can understand the points that you make about it. 

You must use at least one of the four assigned readings listed above as a part of your discussion. You can use the readings to compare or contrast what the writer says to what your ad or place tries to do to attract customers or you might select one of the author’s central concepts to apply to your choice of ad or place. 

Please take a look at the Grading Rubric for the Essay  :

Essay 1 rubric.docx

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