Essay about The Trail by Franz Kafka

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According to The Trail by Franz Kafka

Here are some possible essay themes:

Justice and Injustice

Innocence and Guilt

The Use (or Misuse) of Parable

Self-esteem and Self-abasement

The Labyrinthine

The Nature of Power and Authority

The Individual and the Collective

Meaning and Absurdity

Joseph K. and Franz Kafka

The Trial

and the Modern World

Choose one theme to pursue. You are allowed to come up with your own, although I would like you to clear it with me first. Essays should be around six pages (not including the title page or bibliography).The themes are broad, but part of the assignment involves your coming up with a clear and effective thesis or argument about your theme in relation to The Trial. Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that closes with a proper and specific thesis statement, paragraphs organized around topics that reinforce your thesis, and a strong concluding paragraph.

More information are at the doc that I provide below.

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