Essay Question final due today timed test 2 hours

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Those are the materials

Topics: Constitutional Law, Courts and ADR, Torts, Intellectual Property, Crimes, Creditors’ Rights, Employment law, Entrepreneur’s Options, Corporations

First Amendment

Second Amendment

Fourth Amendment

Commercial Speech vs. Non-commercial

Administrative Law

State Law Federal Law: Priority

Equal Protection Clause: Three Tests



Rational Basis

Due Process Clause: Two types




Stare decisis


Personal/Subject Matter

Discovery: Types

Litigation Mediation Arbitration

Compensatory Damages

Punitive Damages

Intentional Torts


Product Disparagement

Battery False Imprisonment



Duty Breach Causation Damage

Patents Copyright Trade Dress Trademark Trade Secrets Intellectual Property Duration

Burden of Proof: Criminal/Civil

Criminal Liability, two elements

Title VII Civil Rights Act: protected classes

Equal Pay Act

Class Action Lawsuits

Franchisor Franchisee

Limited Liability Company

Piercing the Corporate Veil


Limited Partnership

Corporations – Privately Held or publicly traded



Employee vs. Independent contractor

Principal’s liability for agent’s contract

Principal’s liability for agent’s tort

Dow vs. Nasdaq vs. S&P 500

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