essay that ask you to draw on your knowledge of the history of television and radio.

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First, answer the following prompt with an essay that’s about 600-900 words (~2–3 double-spaced pages):

In the first module, I said that one theme of the course is that television and radio could have turned out differently than they did. For example, television may never have been in black and white and audiences would have always had more than 3 channels to choose from, if the FCC did not choose to assign channels to the VHF band after World War Two. Think about television in 2020. What were some of the specific, key decisions or shifts other than the VHF decision I describe here that have contributed to what television is in the present day? Who was involved in these shifts, and why? How might television have been different if different decisions were made at key points? Consider the FCC, other government actors (the courts, Congress), the networks, advertisers, production companies, local stations, and so on.

Use the provided sources as a reference, cite any other sources being uses

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