Estate planning spread sheet and planning suggestion word files

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I need help with an estate planning project. The project requirements are (1) complete an excel spreadsheet describing total assets with respect to probate estate, gross estate and marital deduction based on data provided. (2) Prepare brief word files showing reconciliation of gross estate to marital deduction and expenses allocated to marital portion (examples provided), and (3) prepare word file with BRIEF suggestions for implementing seven different estate planning goals. Per instructions, these should not be very detailed. I am attaching (1) a Word file with instructions (2) a word file with background data to be used in completing assignment, and (3) an excel spreadsheet for entering total assets. I have actually entered assets based on the provided data, but entries have to be checked and any additions based on data entered. IMPORTANT: The title and column heads on spreadsheet must be kept exactly as they appear. Do not add, delete or change title and column heads. This assign should be completed by November 28 at noon. It MUST be completed on November 28.Answer format will be both excel file (xls) and .doc files.

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