Ethical Scenarios

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Regardless of your field of study, you will encounter ethical issues along the way that will require difficult choices. The best way to problem solve is to use your Professional Standards by Program table as a guide. In this discussion forum, each program has a scenario to read, reflect on, and problem-solve using the knowledge you have gained from your degree program in conjunction with your professional standards.

To prepare for this Discussion,

In the Professional Standards by Program table, follow the link corresponding to your program’s professional standards.

In your initial post,

  • List the title of your scenario.
  • Copy and paste the specific professional standard that will help you solve this ethical dilemma.
  • Respond to the following question:
    • Why did you choose the standard you did?
  • Describe the steps you would take to solve this problem.
  • Create an ethical scenario of your own that pertains to your field of study for your peers to solve. Be sure that your scenario is detailed enough so that your peers from a different field of study can understand the situation and problem solve.

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