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This week, your assignment is going to be pieced together. You have
created a business, identified trending issues, identified possible
other ethical issues and done your best to get all of your employees on

All that is left is the presentation itself. For your submission
this week you are asked to put together a PowerPoint presentation for
your employees with accompanying/corresponding presenter notes for your
reader. The PowerPoint slide presentation itself will include what is
ethically expected of your employees on a day to day basis, all
identified trending issues from Module 02, and all identified possible
issues from Module 03 and guidance on what actions employees should be
taking in these ethical dilemmas.

Given the fact that you are not presenting this PowerPoint and
because a PowerPoint cannot present itself, you are asked to include
accompanying “reader/presenter” notes in the notes section below each
slide. These are the key notes that describe, explain and teach what the
slide is trying to convey. Please note that a PowerPoint is not
generally wordy and paragraphs should not be included on a slide. The
slide itself is used as a visual for the audience and the notes
section, which would be read by the presenter, is where the substance
comes in.

Keep in mind it is HR’s job to expose all dilemmas that may plague
their company or employees and adequately educate all employees so these
concerns are not encountered in the workplace.

Your PowerPoint must be creative and a minimum of 10 slides not including the introduction or the reference slide.

****Below is two files that can assist with the assignment****

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