Everyday Use (Research Paper)

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If you have not read the short story, Everyday Use by Alice Walker you should do so. You are to prepare a research paper that is in relationship to the story, Everyday Use. An example of some topics you can use in this research paper that I came up with is, Black Power or Finding Your Own Identity.

Be sure to have at least six sources for your research paper. Now, continue your research and analyze all of your sources and answer the following questions. You will enter into the conversation by drafting some of your answers to the particular sources that focus on your topic.

  • Do you agree or disagree with the other scholars?
  • What do you agree with or disagree with in their research?
  • What claim might you make?
  • What are your reasons for the claim?
  • What evidence from the text would you provide?
  • What counter-arguments might you anticipate?
  • How will you address these counter-arguments?

A humanities-based research paper often follows this format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Theoretical approach that offers a different perspective
  4. Writer’s arguments
  5. The writer’s refutation of counter-arguments

While you may choose to use a different model, you might keep this one in mind

Your claim and reasons will function as the thesis of your paper. If you identify a particular theoretical approach that supports your claim, you may want to review that material and include it in your paper. Your evidence will then be the selections of the text, as well as the scholarship of others, that you use to support your argument. Be sure to have at least six sources for your research paper. Your essay should be 1500-2000 words (this does NOT include the Works Cited page).

Use MLA format.  


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