Evolution of Modern Intelligence and the Intelligence Community’s Capabilities and Limitations

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3-5 pages

Part 1

Create a user guide of the intelligence community’s (IC’s) capabilities and limitations using the intelligence cycle as a guide. Consider the following points in your guide:

  • Include a short description of the IC and the role of intelligence and information sharing in homeland security (HLS).
  • Cover the agencies within the IC, including the agency’s primary role within the IC and the types of primary intelligence gathered.
  • Provide an explanation of any specialized technology that is used by any IC agency.
  • Provide a brief summary of the IC’s capabilities and limitations as they relate to intelligence gathering and information sharing.
  • Include a cover page and a reference page with a minimum of 4 sources in APA format.

Part 2

Create a worldwide intelligence agency or fusion center organizational chart. Analyze the flow of information and intelligence among the following:

  • Foreign-nation intelligence agencies
  • U.S. national intelligence agencies
  • State-level intelligence agencies
  • Local intelligence fusion center organizations

Consider both the vertical (i.e., the exchange of intelligence and information to and from U.S. national-level intelligence agencies, state-level fusion centers, and local intelligence centers and operations) and the horizontal (i.e., the exchange of intelligence and information between the U.S. and foreign national-level intelligence agencies, among U.S. federal agencies, between state fusion centers, and between communities) relationships. Consider the following:

  • Describe how these entities share information and the challenges in exchanging accurate, timely intelligence.
  • Using an example of information collected by a source in a foreign location, trace the flow of that information to operational use in a U.S. city.
  • Include a recommendation on how all of the various levels of intelligence organizations can improve intelligence and information sharing.

all sources APA minimum of 4 refrences


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