examining the attached article (Self-Disclosure 1957)

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Communication theories evolve over time. In the early days, communication theories were “inflexible” in that they did not consider confounding, moderator, cultural, or other type of variables that might affect the results. For example, Media Richness Theory began hypothesizing that some forms of media are always better than others but did not consider the moderator variables of relationship, context, or content.

To this end, examine the attached article (Self-Disclosure 1957) below entitled Some Factors in Self-Disclosure by Sidney Jourard and Paul Lasakow and explain if since 1957 has the theory of Self-Disclosure evolved in any way. In your response, identify other theories and their authors as well as any other research that shows the evolution of Self-Disclosure theory. Also, look at the validity of the results by examining the methods used; meaning did they do things the right way? Use APA or MLA when citing sources.


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