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After reading the articles and reflecting

upon experience, there is very much a fine line between a paralegal’s

expectations and responsibilities and an attorney’s responsibilities.

However, it is crucial for your supervising attorney to very

specifically define he or her expectations and responsibilities for

their paralegal. It allows for better and more efficient flow within an

office. And, I think it is even more important for attorneys to

understand the role of a paralegal or legal assistance in their


In the past, I worked for an attorney
that expected me to perform certain functions that were not legally or
ethically correct. Such roles included signatories of wills under the
attorney’s name, which ultimately led to my resignation. I would
rather the attorney be held liable than myself should the practices ever
been called into question. But, it relates back to the article – Legal Assistants: An Evolving Role in the Practice of Law in Alabama,
63 Ala. Law. 178 (May 2002), written by Gloria McPherson. The concept
or role of a paralegal/legal assistant is fairly “new”. Some attorneys,
especially small town firm attorneys, are not as aware of the correct
functionality of a legal assistant. Did my previous supervisor question
the ethicality and legality of his paralegal signing his name? I will
never know.

Currently, as a Clerk within the
Clerk’s Office for Circuit Court, we still face the same challenges when
speaking to the public and relaying information. Attorney’s admitted
to the bar are the only authorized practitioners of law. As a clerk we
are only allowed to give procedural information to pro se litigants.
That might include defining who is a Plaintiff and Defendant. Or, what
form do I need to file for divorce? I can answer all those questions,
but I cannot tell anyone what their legal right is to alimony. I, also,
cannot tell a pro se litigant how to draft a complaint for a Writ of
Habeas Corpus. Trust me, no pro se litigant likes hearing a Clerk say,
“You must seek an attorney to answer those questions.” It has greatly
improved my patience with disgruntled individuals!

I look forward to working for an
attorney, again. I find satisfaction assisting attorneys who truly
believe in justice and solace for their clients. Also, I am still
throwing the idea of law school around. I have been doing that for a
long time. It just seems a little daunting with a 1 year old at home.
However, one of the most accomplished attorneys I know attended law
school while working full time and had three young children at home.


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