facts about your Sociologist

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1. Choose a Sociologist – current or historic, male or female, from any country or background. Do not be worried about making a big commitment – this is the only assignment in which you will need this particular Sociologist! Use either of your textbooks or the web site above to find one.

2. List 5 important facts about your Sociologist. I’d recommend this format:

1. Country of origin

2. Year of birth — Year of death (if historical)

3. Fact about their life growing up that you think might affect how they view the world and the study of Sociology. (Examples could be, but are not limited to: quality of relationship with parent(s) or siblings, life events, personal challenges (economic, health, etc.)

4. Sociological term or concept for which they are well-known (even if you don’t yet know how to define it)

5. Another term or concept (See 4. above)


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