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Integrate macro and micro-analysis – the individual, the couple, the family as a system, the family and the workplace, the family and the economy

Read from Nijole V Benokraitis, Marriages and Families: Changes, Choices and Constraints

Chapter 14– Family Abuse, Violence, and Other Health Issues

Chapter 15– Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, and Stepfamilies (pp. 429-466)

Pick two of the types of abuse detailed in the chapter (intimate partner abuse, child maltreatment, sibling abuse, elder abuse, same-sex couple or racial-ethnic groups abuse.) How are they the same? Different? What are the warning signs? What causes this type of abuse? What can we do about it as a society?

Although abuse can occur at all income levels and in all domestic situations, it is more common in poor and working class families. As you read Chapters 14 and 15, take notes on the guiding questions listed above and post your thoughts on the discussion board. 

I’m having a hard time putting into words on or answering the questions on this discussion. I choose elder abuse and child abuse to see the similarities.

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