Felid experience on The Walters Art Museum In Baltimore, MD. USA

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    1. Paragraph
      will name the event, giving its category (musical performance,
      literary event, theatrical performance, lecture/reading, etc.), location,
      time, and date you attended. 
      Attach a program, ticket, or brochure.
    2. Paragraph
      is an extended summary of the purpose and scope of the event,
      using its genre-relate vocabulary. 
      What was the event about? What did it set out to do? What were its
      major points or emphases? Was there a specific order to the presentation?
      This section needs to be developed well and may have more than one
      paragraph. Where an exhibit is large, concentrate on a particular aspect
      rather than cover all of it. This paragraph is the nucleus of your
      experience and should be informative, specific, and encompassing.

Paragraph Three
includes extended and supported critical comments. Did the event seem to
accomplish its purpose? If, so, what evidence can you cite? What specific
effect did it have on you or on its particular audience? What specific
recommendation would you make to change or improve the event for its particular
audience? Just throwing out words like “great,” “good,” “excellent,” “needs
improvement,” and “enjoyable” will not suffice.

  1. Proofread
    carefully for organization, development, correctness of expression,

grammar, and mechanics.  Follow manuscript directions, submitting the
assignment in your folder


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