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A medical professional received the following consultation report. However, after looking over the following report, she noticed there are four glaring errors that need to be corrected. Some words are misspelled; other words are used incorrectly to describe the patient’s problem. Working with someone else, identify the errors in this report. Correct all of the errors so that the medical professional can better serve the patient’s needs.

You may use electronic media such as a medical dictionary as needed in order to understand the medical terms.

Highlight the changes you made to correct the errors found.

Reason for Consultation: Possible recurrence of basal cell carcinoma on left

History of Present Illness: Patient is a 62-year-old female first seen by her
regular physician five years ago for persistent facial lesions. Biopics revealed
basal cell carcinoma in three lesions. They were successfully excised and
examined by the pathologist. The patient noted that the left cheek lesion returned
approximately seven months ago. The patient reports erythema, or extreme
itching, at the site of irritation.

Result of Physical Exam: The examination revealed a lesion on the left cheek
15 mm posterior to, or in the front of, the ear. The lesion displays marked
pemphigus, or redness, and poorly defined borders. The area immediately
around the lesion shows depigmentation with the vesicles.

Assessment: Recurrence of basal cell carcinoma

Recommendation: Due to the lesion’s size, shape, and recurrence, deep
incision or removal through the dermal layers followed by dermatoplasty is

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