Film Analysis on (The Color Purple Movie)

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The Film Analysis should include 1 Theory, 1 Film, 2 Characters from film and 2 Scenes.


1,000 Word Count



There is also a second part of this which I have to give a Oral presentation in front of the class and professor which should be about 7-10 mins long.


Choose a theory that you wish to educate the class on from the following chapters in the text


* Anything in the Groups and Organizations chapters EXCEPT Groupthink
* Cultural Studies, Cultivation Analysis, Spiral of Silence and Media Ecology but NOT Uses and Gratifications in the Media chapters
* Anything in the Culture and Diversity chapters
* Anything in the Relationship Development chapters 


Your presentation can be dramatize, illustrate, and/or explain more than one theory in the same presentation, especially if the principles are closely related.



Presentations will be evaluated for substance and creativity. You must participate in the development of and be present and participating in the face-to-face classroom presentation to be eligible to receive credit for this project.

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