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In 3 pages answer the following with references   management of licensing plan The topic is A Sports Licensing NCAA Football players and teams from D1

I have included an example to see what it should look like

management of Licensing Plan

The strategic alliance between EA Sports and the NCAA comes with high demand. Since

they were no longer able to produce the game back in 2013 it disappointed sports video games

fans. Now it is coming back it is filled with excitement. This agreement will help benefit all

parties including college athletes. Since they were the most impacted last time by not being able

to be compensated for their likeness. Now, the athletes will be able to receive compensation. A

major factor to promote and market this game is by using nostalgia of the past game and mixing it

with the new element of the current game. To further breakdown the critical success factor that

will help this license achieve success.

1. A new NCAA video game creates opportunities for growth in the video game market,

the game will also help promote NCAA sports. Since EA Sports is one the leaders in the gaming

industry both organizations will benefit from each other with this licensing deal

2. College Licensing Company along with NCAA and EA Sports had formed an alliance

in the past. They can use their previous partnership as part of the marketing campaign. Using past

success with the previous deal can be beneficial as a marketing tool to help gain traction.

Establishing nostalgia as an element will help sale the game. For example, the cover for NCAA

football should be the best college players in recent years. Such as Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush,

Deshaun Watson and more

3. EA sports brand themselves as the leader in sports video games, now with the help of

the NIL, it allows the NCAA and their players including EA Sports to produce, market, and sell

the game using the likeness of the athletes. Establishing the College sports video game will allow

EA sports to confirm their ranking as the leader in sports video game.

4. EA sports should high ranking college players to promote the game by going through

stores, having pop up shops, renting out theatres to have an esport tournament, all of this will

help hype the release of the game.

In conclusion, ensuring that the goals established meet the timelines agreed to by all

parties will not only help blur if not eliminate the stink from 2013 it will help reestablish a

foundation to which all parties can rebuild on. Both companies are respected, and they share the

same goal. Which is to entertain and bring people together through sports.

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