FINAL Project: Academic Goals

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I will add the prompt and rubric below. I have completed three milestones up to the final project. Please use the info in the milestones along with the teacher feedback in the beginning of each milestone to complete the final project. For the final, I need to restructure the way I did milestone 3, please use the template I’ve also attached that will help. I am an older adult (41) woman, mother, returning to school to finish my degree. My goal for completing this degree is for personal development, I never finished college when I was younger and feel like its a personal goal to complete my BA degree. I picked history as my concentration because I am passionate about learning history. I do not plan to work after my degree, so that needs to be changed in the goal section, where I talk about working as a teaching assistant. Please communicate and ask me questions as you go through the assignment since it is a point of view type paper. Please use reference and cite as much as possible. If you have access to SNHU online catalog, you can use that to site the BA.GS degree requirements. Otherwise, you can site sources that talk about the benefit of learning history as well as comlpeting a degree as an older adult for personal development.

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