Final Project Focus of the Final Project As the faculty’s leading expert in curriculum and instructi

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Final Project

Focus of the Final Project

As the faculty’s leading expert in curriculum and instructional design, you have been asked by your administrator to present a training session on how to develop quality units of instruction and lesson plans.   

Segment One: PowerPoint for Training Session

Using the assignments completed in Weeks Two, Three, and Five as a foundation, submit a PowerPoint presentation for your training session. Your presentation must include a minimum 10 slides and incorporate the processes for quality unit and lesson design and development. Please keep in mind that the slides should be used to support your talking points in the notes section (below the slide).

Include the following in Segment One:

  • Outline the framework for your district including demographics, community background, district or work setting environment, student characteristics, and current curriculum.
  • Discuss the district’s guidelines for curriculum development, formatting and evaluations. Include any other relevant information that attendees will find useful in meeting the district’s requirements. 
  • Describe how to develop lessons that include instructional technology, checking for understanding and assessment techniques.
  • Conclude with a holistic summation of quality curriculum and instructional design.

Your presentation must be professional and relevant.  It must include five references formatted in APA style.

Segment Two: Handout for Training Session

The administrator requires a handout to accompany your training session that will detail the presentation’s talking points and can be used as a reference tool.  The handout must include all of the relevant information included in the slide presentation that can be easily referenced in the future as a tool for instructional design and curriculum development.

Your handout should be at least seven pages (title page, five-page handout, reference page[s]).

Preparing the Final Project

The presentation and handout must include title and reference pages, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. The Final Project must use at least five scholarly sources.

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