Final Project Two Submission: Policy Analysis and Testimony Transcript

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8 to 10 pages (not including title, reference, or appendix pages)

** This is a combination of previous milestones put together to create the finished product**

As healthcare policy is developed and enacted, various stakeholders are both involved in and affected by the process. In acknowledgement of patient and population needs, health professionals should not only recognize when a policy initiative is necessary but also advocate for or against policies that are being developed or that are currently in place. It is not uncommon for health professionals to testify on policies in front of committees or policymaking bodies, like the United States Senate. In order to do so, you must be able to speak for vulnerable populations, demonstrating knowledge of needs and how policy measures can help or further harm a situation.

This project will allow you to showcase your knowledge of the needs of vulnerable populations and possible solutions through the promotion of health policy initiatives. You will choose a state, national, or international health policy to critically analyze and ultimately determine the policy’s effectiveness in helping its intended population target. Through research and an interview with a stakeholder in the policy to support your analysis, you will advocate on behalf of the affected population by either promoting or opposing the policy through a written testimony directed toward an appropriate policymaking body.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

Assess the impact of economic, social, and cultural factors on communities and healthcare organizations in the United States and internationally

Determine the role and influence of key international organizations and stakeholders in promoting global health, service delivery, and healthcare policy

Analyze data from global and local health organizations for informing health initiative recommendations

Evaluate the efficacy of healthcare policies in relation to access, equity, and health outcomes based on identified population needs

Advocate for vulnerable populations through communication with stakeholders on healthcare policy initiatives

3- to 5-page testimony attached as an appendix.

**The testimony is the last milestone piece to add with the others to compile all previous work…I have feedback that can be incorporated and will send to you.**

IV. Testimony: Draft a testimony transcript advocating for or against the policy, including any recommendations to improve the policy. Be sure to direct the testimony toward an appropriate policymaking body (e.g., a Senate committee).

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