Final Report Detailed Outline: Title: Title of the ProjectAbstract – Overview of the ProjectIntroduction- Gennral intro on the Project topicGeneral BackgroundLiterature Review – Existing work on the

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Final Report Detailed Outline:

Topic :  My project is going to be on Covid-19. What we will be discussing is the impact Covid-19 have on our daily lives for examples quarantine, loss of jobs, our health and many more. We will also be discussing the reopening of New York City, the different vaccines and how it has played a role in the reopening.

  • Title: Title of the Project
  • Abstract – Overview of the Project
  • Introduction- General intro on the Project topic
  • General Background
  • Literature Review – Existing work on the Project topic

    • Minimum 5 reputed publications from
  • Research Design & Methodology – Project Design and Implementation
  • Project Requirements – All the required tools and implementation stages and description
  • Dataset Implementation Results – Any specific finding related to the Project topic

(Total 6 pages and reference page)

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