final untest

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Final Untest

The Final Untest is just like the Midterm Untest and comes at the
beginning of the Units and not at the end and I encourage everyone to
talk about these course materials through participation avenues (Piazza
and video comments) to gain a deeper understanding of the history, which
will improve your untest.

Remember that although I encourage you to discuss important elements of the units with each other, the Untest is an individual assignment – everyone must do their own original work.

Start thinking about the untest as you work through Units 3 and 4 –
no need to cram at the end. Answer the Reflective Questions as you move
through each lesson and case study (this will also help you deepen your
understanding of materials for the untest) and turn in the Reflective
Question set at the end of Unit 4 for extra credit.

Open the file to view your Untest. The upload for the Untest will be at the end of Unit 4.

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