financial reporting requirement powerpoint

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ov score in this powerpoint must be below 24

APA format writing and reference

apa references and citation in paper

total speaker notes 1500 words 

15 slides not counting title page orreferences

If using a direct quote add :” “then  the citation after the ” (smith, 2015, p. 34 or smith, 2015. para 4).

title be center

title  ofpaper

unit 3 IP2

betty thompson


Dr, Margareta Moczynski

August 10, 2015

References in ABC’s order and you must use each reference as a citation in speaker notes


You have now researched and reviewed a for-profit and a governmental non-profit institution. Both have reporting requirements. Compare and contrast the financial reporting requirements for both of these and how the various types of organizations use the examples that you have pulled throughout the course including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. You will be preparing a quarterly summary of who you have trained and what knowledge has been gained throughout your months of research. The summary will be presented to the Senior Leadership in your institution so you can assure them that this team has been successful in applying their research to the various organizations.

Submit 12–15 PowerPoint slides with a 1000–1500 words of speaker’s notes.

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