Find a video of a dynamic sports skill movement and analyze it

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Advanced Biomechanics

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

400 words or more

3 to 4 references

1. Find a video of a dynamic sports skill movement you are not familiar with.

NOT a biomechanical analysis video, an example of the movement is all that you need for now.

Link the video in your Initial post.

2. List and Describe the phases of the movement.

3. Identify what planes of motion each phase takes place.

You can separate the movements into upper and lower body for clarity.

4. Identify the primary skeletal structures moving in each phase, and their correct biomechanical termed direction.


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Part 1: Muscle Action in Sport and Exercise, Articles 1 & 2, pp. 1-32.

The Skeletal System –

Joints: Structure and Types of Motion –

The Muscular System –

Position/Velocity/Acceleration Part 1: Definitions –

Kinematics Part 1: Horizontal Motion –

Kinematics Part 2: Vertical Motion –

Kinematics Part 3: Projectile Motion –

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