First, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to Career and Professional Practice… 1 answer below »

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First, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to Career and Professional Practice. The module which is designed to develop your personal and professional development that will enable you to hit the ground running in the employability stakes and enjoy a successful start to your career and working life. In its narrow sense, career management is about being employable: this means ‘work-readiness’ and the capacity to be an efficient and responsible employee. In its broader sense, it means the development of skills to manage one’s own career throughout one’s lifetime and to think critically about working life and employing organisations. We will span both the narrow and broader senses during the course. The course builds upon Personal and Professional Development (PPD 1) and Personal and Professional Development (PPD 2). As with the earlier PPD courses, this course is the vehicle through which the personal tutoring system operates, providing pastoral care and academic support for students throughout their final year. On behalf of the team of lecturers and tutors I wish you an enjoyable and interesting time on the course. Your success on it will depend upon your willingness: i) to engage with the opportunities provided, such as guest lectures and workshops, and ii) through the tutorial activities, to reflect on your own development and future career. Success is therefore very much in your own hands. Dr Myrtle Emmanuel 4 BSI1334, Career and Professional Practice 2016-17 2. Introduction to the Course Universities increasingly recognise the need to prepare students not only with academic skills, but also with the broader range of skills and competences needed for a successful transition to the graduate labour market, self-employment or postgraduate study. This course will help you to take responsibility for managing your own career and to approach your education and current and future employment in the spirit of lifelong learning and continuing professional development. The course aims to guide you towards becoming a more self-aware individual, who understands both the requirements of employing organisations and your own preferences with regard to your future work and wellbeing.


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