first thing is read the article 2nd annotate the article using this format UND

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first thing is read the article

2nd  annotate the article using this format

UNDERLINE: Within every paragraph, underline key/important words.

  1. LEFT MARGIN NOTE: Next to every paragraph, write a brief margin note to the left, regarding the key topics in the paragraph. Do this for all paragraphs.
  2. TOPIC SENTENCE: Color One: Highlight a sentence in each and every paragraph that shows the main idea/topic sentence for that paragraph.  With a pencil, in the left margin, write “ts” next to each topic sentence.
  3. RIGHT MARGIN TEXT COMMENTS: Write at least 3 comments (text comments) in the right margin. Label “TC” for Text Comment. Could be text to self, text to world, and/or text to text.
  4. RIGHT MARGIN QUESTIONS: Write at least 3 questions about the article next to the corresponding section, in the right margin. Write “Q” next to each question.
  5. RIGHT MARGIN VOCABULARY: Color Two: Highlight 3+ words that are unfamiliar to you.  With a pencil, write “V” for vocabulary and the meaning for each word based on context clues or your dictionary in the right column.
  6. THESIS: Color Three: Highlight the single sentence that explains the topic and the author’s point about that topic. This is the thesis statement/ central point for the entire article; it is the one sentence that shows the author’s point for the whole article.  With a pencil, label the sentence “T” for thesis in the left margin.

3rd write summary in this format

  1. In your title: A Summary of “Article Title” by Author’s Full Name
  2. In your first sentence: In the article “Article Title”, written by Author’s Full Name for Journal Title/Magazine Title/Newspaper Title/Website Title, Author’s Last Name explained that….
  3. Make sure your key topic words appear in your summary topic sentence. Paraphrase the thesis.
  4. Keep it broad and general. Include main ideas and major details. Exclude minor details, opinions, and quotations.
  5. Mention the author several times throughout your summary. (i.e. The author stated…Last name explained…The writer mentioned…He/She referred to…)
  6. Vary the verbs: explained, discussed, revealed, brought out, pointed out, described, or shed light on.   Keep your verb tense consistent.  Use all past tense verbs.
  7. Type your summary paragraph, using MLA format. Upload your paper in Canvas.

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