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You have written a draft examining the issue of employee surveillance and explaining why BRIXX’s solution of firing Johnson made sense.


P1 discusses some of the background issues of the case study, especially those involving an individual’s right to privacy vs. organization.

P2 discusses the ethical concerns surrounding workplace surveillance.

P3 notes the need for discussion about boundaries, then states the thesis: the solution was effective because it showed that the restaurant put customers as its main priority.

P4 notes that the case centered on a situation involving employee surveillance, and explains BRIXX’s justification that firing Johnson violated the company’s contract.

P5 discusses the role of employees as ambassadors, the fact that tips are not mandatory, and the idea that a customer would react badly if he knew about Johnson’s comment.

P6 explains how employees need to get into line with their employers’ rules and values, and that BRIXX’s solution could benefit the company in a number of ways.

P7 concludes.

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